ITC 2019

International Timetabling Competition 2019 –

We are the winners! The final score is available here. [Paper][Presentation][Video]

The ITC 2019 has described a general formulation of the tactical level university timetabling problem. The competition provides real data from universities worldwide. We have implemented a high-performance algorithm to solve any university timetabling problem that is formulated in the ITC2019 format.

Our algorithm is based on a Mixed Integer Programming model which provides us with information about a lower bound and when an instance is solved to optimality.

We have proven 5 of our solutions to the ITC2019 instances optimal.
We have improved 16 of our competition solutions since the competition deadline (November 18, 2019).
Most recent improvement: September 25, 2020.

 InstanceBest solutionLower boundGapCompetition solution
1 Earlyagh-fis-spr173,0391,17461.37%3,081
1 Earlyagh-ggis-spr1734,28523,16432.44%35,808
1 Earlybet-fal17289,96589,27869.21%290,086
1 Earlyiku-fal1718,96818,0015.10%18,968
1 Earlymary-spr1714,91014,2834.21%14,910
1 Earlymuni-fi-spr163,7563,5565.32%3,756
1 Earlymuni-fsps-spr178688680.00%868
1 Earlymuni-pdf-spr16c33,72414,27957.66%36,487
1 Earlypu-llr-spr1710,03810,0380.00%10,038
1 Earlytg-fal174,2154,2150.00%4,215
2 Middleagh-ggos-spr172,8641,73339.49%3,055
2 Middleagh-h-spr1722,1878,94559.68%23,502
2 Middlelums-spr18952474.74%95
2 Middlemuni-fi-spr173,8252,50034.64%3,825
2 Middlemuni-fsps-spr17c2,5961,36147.57%2,596
2 Middlemuni-pdf-spr1617,20813,00824.41%18,151
2 Middlenbi-spr1818,01418,0140.00%18,014
2 Middlepu-d5-spr1715,9106,98156.12%15,910
2 Middlepu-proj-fal19147,71213,89990.59%148,016
2 Middleyach-fal171,23951658.35%1,239
3 Lateagh-fal17146,9921,99998.64%186,200
3 Latebet-spr18348,52463,44481.80%348,589
3 Lateiku-spr1825,86825,7810.34%25,878
3 Latelums-fal1734925227.79%349
3 Latemary-fal184,4223,49620.94%4,423
3 Latemuni-fi-fal172,9991,77240.91%2,999
3 Latemuni-fspsx-fal1717,0427,74754.54%17,074
3 Latemuni-pdfx-fal17111,8702,89297.41%117,412
3 Latepu-d9-fal1939,9423,30291.73%43,006
3 Latetg-spr1812,70412,7040.00%12,704

Holm et al. (2020a) described a reduction procedure of the ITC2019 datasets. These reduced datasets were used during the competition and are available for download here.

Holm et al. (2020b) (will be available when published) described additional methods to further reduce the datasets. We have implemented these methods after the competition deadline and the datasets are available here.


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